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I have given this a lot of thought over the years especially given my career in the computer industry. My question is, "What will things cost in this future?". If machines are making all the things and machines are making the machines that make all the things, why would anything that is made by machines cost anything? As I understand economics, things cost because there is human labor involved in it, or a human owns something that is used to make the things and those human demand rent. So things cost money because of human labor or rent seeking capital owned by humans. If machines do all labor you are left with only capital. This likely explains why there is more and more inequality. The rich own the capital and get rent. Labor is slowly disappearing. But other than land and housing (capital) it seems that many things are costing less and less or if they cost more they last much longer which means the cost to own is less. I own three vehicles: an 14 year old truck (owned by me for 11 years), a 15 year old car (owned by me for 13 years), and a 16 year old car (owned for 16 years) with no plans to replace as yet.

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