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There is zero “evidence” of the above declaration, enthusiasm and supposition among scientists with credentials on the line notwithstanding. Try this: make any assumption about the size of the original genome and divide by 1,000. Assume that to be the genomic problem set. Assume 1/10 of the problem set to be relevant in placement on the genome for survival and reproduction. Calculate the probability of proper placement within the problem set. Calculate the time required to empirically iterate to proper placement at a rate one petaflops per second. (All of the foregoing can be performed with online calculators.) Repeat the above calculation for the cell membrane required for cellular survival. Repeat once more for the probability of the cell membrane matching the genome. Add the three times together and divide the total by 13.7 billion. That’s how many times longer than the universe has existed would be required to “evolve” a tiny fraction of the common genome at a rate of one thousand trillion attempts per second. Evolutionists are the most self-deluded people on planet earth.

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