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I suppose there is a rational explanation behind this experiment, but we must maintain focal point on the objective linked to quantum mechanics. To elaborate further, electrons bear no mass, so they create a seemingly enunciated wave effect when passing through these slits. However, each particle, no matter its position, is entangled with one that reaches an identical subatomic level, I believe. It would not be ludicrous to entertain the thought that these very particles branch off into separate forms as they traverse through the empty space, then reunite as a sole electron at the other side. Information is triggered inevitably by observation, by the linking and co-authoring of time, and by the energy relations of every conscious organism inhabiting the planet we know to be indigenous to. We cannot constantly impose these boundaries upon ourselves; these limitations of fleecing ourselves into the perception of only certain quintessences. If we keep doing that, we shall never go beyond. In order to develop a larger sense of thinking, we must first discern the world in segments prone to be debunked. Humanity generates existing energy and information through the inevitable connection between time; time, the non-linear essence whose properties we do not pay as much attention to as we should. After all, solving the mystery of time can lead to answers for a raft of questions concerning topics far broader than quantum mechanics.

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