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While I too enjoyed the amiable discussions above and yet they did have an undercurrent of physical harm should the point be pursued any further... Your delivery above while lacking the weight of more technical reference points, was completed, in my eyes perfectly. Your points, while detailed with some much needed jocularity raised some interesting questions.

The only frustration for me, is that the answer to your as well as the general clarity of this, to be frank, completely bonkers conundrum seem to get further away, the closer we attempt to get to the truth.
What i can say with uncredited certainty is that the world/universe /dimension we live in and the laws that we futilely attempt to pin down to reassure our collective selves that we have at least some basic understanding of how it all works is likely to be only 50% of what we need to understand. And that my learned friends, is how in all of the multitudes of preexisting theories on "how it all works" is WHY is it like this. Like megalithic construction (apologies for the severe deviation off topic for the anology) it seems to me that the underlying rules that govern this quantum level were all devised on the most difficult of methods, when easier methods must surly have been available. Or one can only postulate I concede.
I fear too that a great many of us shall pass on from this mortal coil with very little more clarity than our generation has now. And that kinda sucks.

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