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This is easily explained, I cannot understand the best minds not working this out.
There is an underlying 'vibration' in the universe.
(Probably not, technically, a vibration, something more complex, but in this physical plane gives the effect of vibration so works for this example).
This vibration makes quantum's appear in two places at one time, the opposite is in reality true, it's everything else - us, our 'measuring', all our physical existence that is in fact 'buzzing'.
This vibration is only observable at the quantum scale, as we are vibrating at the same frequency, but photons travelling at light speed are affected differently - maybe less, more, or not at all, but anyway, in some way, out of 'phase'.
Observing or measuring will always for 'us' (everything not travelling at light speed) align along the same 'level' of vibration, what scientists would call 'collapsing the wave function'.
You are not collapsing the wave function, all parts of this experiment are vibrating in phase EXCEPT the photons, observing the 'path' of each photon just cancels any possible differential in vibration for us each time, ie the two aspects - observation at slit and observation at screen of individual photons - will always by definition be at the same 'point' of vibration.
The photons are behaving as particles, the slits are behaving as waves and observations at the slit are behaving as 'in phase' waves.
We cannot measure the 'wavelength' of the apparatus as we and all ways of measuring are in phase with the vibration.
This 'vibration' is the unknown, but one simpler explanation could be, say, a general instability, reverberation or tension due to the rate of expansion of universe being faster than light speed?
Come on science get a grip......

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