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Light, photons, electrons can surely only work in this physical universe as particles. Think about a star, if every photon had to spread across the universe as a wave we wouldn't be able to see anything 100 miles away let alone 13 billion light years.
There are many incongruities in science that prove nothing. Think about this - two cars travelling on parallel roads. Car A is moving at 10m/sec and is 10m ahead of car B which is travelling at twice the speed. Half a second later car B reaches where car A was originally, car A has moved 5m, 1/4 second later when car B reaches this point car A has moved 2.5m and so on into infinity. Despite travelling twice as fast car B NEVER overtakes car A as far as this experiment proves. Obviously this is not what happens in reality. Something about conservation of momentum?
The wave form in this experiment means little to nothing, the photons are only ever actually detected as particles.
It makes more sense for everything in the universe (except light speed particles), including us and all our apparatus and ways of measuring etc to be in some form of duality, than photons.
Or perhaps this experiment is an explainable anomoly, but photons can only be and only behave as - particles. NOT WAVES!
Even, say, if a photon was just a transfer of information through a medium at light speed (like a relay), it is feasible that the medium could have some type of wave form, but the photon itself must, in essence, be as a particle.

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