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Hello, I like your idea of removing one detector to see if there is a tangible difference. Given how complex the science behind this is, it doesn't seem ethical to have a biased conclusion with such conviction after just 1 adjustment.

Why has no one tried 3,4,5 slits? With those slits, why haven't we tried removing one detector at a time, and swapping out different ones for each slit? Speeding up or slowing down the particle beam? There are so many variables that could lead to comprehensible evidence if the results are as consistent to previous attempts.

However, it just seems this experiment was done 60 years ago and then we just left it as is with no additional input or further experimentation; just copy paste imitations doing the same thing for educational purposes of the original experiment. That just becomes a history lesson, not a science one.

I come here after watching a conspiracy theory and they referenced this experiment as the leading evidence that we live in a simulation, that the universe is just a projection controlled by a program that detects when its being observed like when a video game detects the players position and renders in whats necessary around them. Suggesting that the light particles can bend the rules of physics and time as soon as someone attempts to measure them.

My initial reaction is not to believe this, however I fully appreciate a rebuttal to come armed with objective, comprehensible evidence like any good debate where possible.

I think this experiment needs a make over and we need to breathe new life into it with far more variables to play with, leaving no stone unturned to draw a general trend and any potential outliers to help solve this once and for all. Or at least, as close as our minds will allow us.

We are our own limitations.

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