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I agree with you, the whole furore around this experiment has made it more of a history lesson. It's become almost like the Galileo stone/feather thing; i've had people tell me that in normal every-day circumstances, if i dropped a pen and a pebble at exactly the same moment, they would hit the floor at the same time. Even, when i demonstrate this live, people are still adamant in their stance; after-all, i'm no better than Galileo.

This represents a great discrepancy to the original format of experiment by Galileo. I think some of these experiments have been so popularised in pop-culture and pop-science that people have ruled out the possibility of questioning them. Just like the Galileo stone and feather thing, Everyone is still quoting the same concept from decades ago without any iota of desire to question it. This means that some of these science-cum-history concepts are left to grow into "unquestionables" filled with errors.

I think its about time we re-visit the whole premise of this experiment. Let's introduce 3,4, or even 10 slits! Let's do it today with more control over the variables. We can't let this become another one of the "unquestionables". We can't adopt beliefs and never question them. That would be disastrously dogmatic. The opposite of what it means to do real science!

Also, what was the youtube video you watched? thanks

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