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There is a solid reason why some math problems take centuries to resolve: it is because simplistic people run away from the challenge.

Take a simple example: the area of a right triangle = ½bh or ½*b*h. Suppose it has basic side lengths 3, 4 & 5.

Irrespective of which is the base or height,
Area = ½*3*4 = 6.

So, given the Area (6) and one side (base), what is the other length (height)?

Area ÷ ½ * b = h.
Area ÷ ½ * h = b.

I am arguing that ½*b is one term, even without parentheses.

So that:
6 ÷ ½ * 3 = 4.
6 ÷ ½ * 4 = 3.

Professors, even from Harvard and Cambridge (UK) want to insist here that division "ranks equally with multiplication." It does not!

So, their 6 ÷ ½ * 3 = 36.
And their 6 ÷ ½ * 4 = 48.
"BECAUSE Google and WolframAlpha also said so!"

Men and women of the world, that is completely stupid. You know the area of a right triangle is settled math.

Why do you ignore your own brain, and trust robots? Computers are not perfect. They are less than 70 years old in combined developmental age. The human brain has at least 200 million years of arithmetic progress. Within this timeline, it has made these confused computers. Trust your head more.

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