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I do wish the international body of mathematicians could sort this one out. In algebra the implicit multiplier is always understood to take precedence. In other 'random' mathematical expressions whoever gave the mathematical world the permission to arbitrarily express 2*(1+2) as 2(1+2)? In order to follow logical consistency we spend years teaching kids algebraic mathematics where 2X is always 2X (inseparable and implicit takes precedence). If you wish to express 6 / 2 * (1+2) you simply do not have any permission to lazily and arbitrarily express it as 6 / 2(1+2) for this very reason. I know that even the maths professors are contorting themselves over this, but I think it should be sorted out. And logically it should simply be nailed down that implicit multiplication takes precedence because otherwise all of algebra is wrong. ab no longer means ab. I thought it was. I was taught Brackets Of Division (2 of something takes precedence over division and multiplication). But it turns out even that is not agreed on as more seem to hold to BODMAS meaning 'Brackets Orders Division...'

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