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When you bring something like x/yz into the discussion, you're talking apples and oranges.

In dealing with algebra, an expression like yz is known as a monomial. A monomial is defined as:

"an expression that has a single term, with variables and a coefficient. For example, 2xy is a monomial since it is a single term, has two variables, and one coefficient. Monomials are the building blocks of polynomials and are called 'terms' when they are a part of larger polynomials. In other words, each term in a polynomial is a monomial."

A monomial is a convention used in algebra that mathematicians understand to be a single unit. So when you run into something like x/yz, you know to interpret it as x divided by yz, not x divided by y and then multiplied by z.

Simply put, 2(1+2) is not a monomial, and shouldn't be treated the same way. 2(1+2) is exactly the same as 2 x (1+2) and should be treated as such.

Order of Operations is clear and is intended to bring unambiguity to math. Those of you talking about juxtaposition multiplication having a higher priority are just adding confusion to the mix.

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