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Shawn, you were on the right track when you said, "A monomial is a convention used in algebra that mathematicians understand to be a single unit. So when you run into something like x/yz, you know to interpret it as x divided by yz, not x divided by y and then multiplied by z."

By virtue of identifying what a monomial is, you're saying that a monomial is "glued together" by multiplication by juxtaposition -- and that a monomial does not need to be encased inside a set of parentheses to be understood as having a single value (the PRODUCT of the coefficient multiplied by the variable or variables).

In your " x/yz" example...

To solve, all you're going to do is plug in the numerical values of the variables -- which does not change the mathematical procedures at all.

With the numerical values of the variables given above, will you please show the steps to arrive at the quotient of your monomial division statement, "x/yz"?

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