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A monomial is one term with a single value which is the PRODUCT of the coefficient multiplied by the variable (factor). It uses multiplication by juxtaposition to "glue together" the coefficient & the variable (factor), so no parentheses are ever necessary to understand that a monomial is one term with a single value.

In the case of the monomial "2x ," that means "x" is taken two times, which means the term's value is the sum of two x's added together. In other words...

2x = [ x + x ]

Here's a statement which is dividing one monomial by another monomial:

2x ÷ 2x

...which can be written out with the indicated additions as...

[ x + x ] ÷ [ x + x ]

Solve when
x = (1+2)

Please show the steps involved in solving.

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