A home-and-away pattern from the clock method

To establish a home-and-away pattern for a football schedule determined from the clock method, turn the lines that connect the letter's into arrows as shown below for the example n=8. The letter towards which an arrow is pointing represents the team that gets the home advantage on round 1.

The clock method: Home-and-away pattern

At each subsequent turn of the clock, keep the arrows as they are, but flip the direction of the arrow from the centre of the circle. This leads to the following pattern for round 2. Continue like this, switching the direction of the arrow from the centre, until you are done.

The clock method: Home-and-away pattern, step 2

An advantage of imposing a home-and-away pattern in this way os that it leads to only n-2 breaks, that is, only n-2 occasions on which a team plays two home matches, or two away matches, in a row.

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