Mathematical moments: Katie Steckles

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Mathematicians often say that being creative is hugely important in maths. But why? We asked mathematician Katie Steckles, who told us about her favourite mathematical moments and why imagination is everything.

Mathematical moments is a series of short interviews with mathematicians about their work and the role of creativity in maths. This is the first interview of the series — stay tuned for more! The video will also appear on our sister site Wild Maths, which encourages students to explore maths beyond the classroom and is designed to nurture mathematical creativity.


I like her hair. Wish I could see the animations. It's been a hobby to think about their use in space travel. I believe the earth moon Lagrange 2 (EML2) could be quite useful. But the 3 body mass parameter for the earth and moon is relatively large.

When it comes to the sun and small rocky planets, the 3 body mass parameter is tiny. Departing from sun earth L1 or L2 doesn't seem to yield any interesting heliocentric transfer orbits. I believe the interplanetary superhighway has received exaggerated hype.