Maths ... it gives you wings!

How to make people levitate.

Kepler discovers five new worlds

The telescope discovers the oldest solar system to date.

Blown off their feet

Two mathematicians' visit to the desert sheds new light on avalanches.

It's bigger on the inside!

Find out about the maths in doctor Who, and the film and gaming industry more generally.

This is not a bird (or a moustache)

Our image of the week may look like a bird in flight, but it's actually a subset of the plane defined by a mathematical formula.

An MBE for maths!

Charlie Stripp, Chief Executive of Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI), has been awarded an MBE.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #24: Time to celebrate!

Happy Christmas! Here's the perfect toy to help you celebrate.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #23: Sport for your stocking

Win the race for those final christmas gifts!

Plus Advent Calendar Door #21: A mathematician's apology

"A mathematician, like a painter or poet, is a maker of patterns."

Happy birthday Ramanujan!

The self-taught Indian genius would have turned 127 this month.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #19: It wriggles!

Door 19 conceals something wriggly...

Plus Advent Calendar Door #18: Joy to despair

Why being normal is good and bad.

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