Talking to young researchers: Tosin Babasola

In this short video Tosin Babasola talks to us about his work using mathematics to model the effects of climate change on cocoa farming. We talked to Tosin at the Virtual Heidelberg Laureate Forum (vHLF) 2020, which he attended as a young researcher.

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The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is an annual networking event at which young researchers get the chance to mingle with some of the best minds in mathematics and computer science. This year the HLF is taking place entirely online. You can see videos of the talks on the HLF YouTube Channel. To find out more about HLF in general, see the HLF website. And to see our all our coverage of this and past HLFs see here.


Bravo! The passion you have had for your research is what gives the courage. Every bit of your statements is a motivation, especially for the young researchers. Your interest and curiousity said it all. K33p the flag up bro