Plus posters

Over the years Plus has created a number of posters, designed for display in classrooms and libraries to enthuse and inspire students and readers and promote particular areas of Plus content.

The posters on this page are archived designs, and are no longer available in hard copy. However, you are still welcome to download PDF copies to print for yourself. Just click on the links under the images below.

There are several posters: there's a set of three 'Careers with Maths' posters, our original Plus poster, our 'Do you know what's good for you?' poster, promoting our project exploring the maths in the biomedical sciences, and a 'Maths and Engineering' poster published as part of our Constructing Our Lives project funded by a Royal Academy of Engineering's Ingenious grant.

Note on copyright and permissions
We are happy for you to print out copies of the Plus posters for your own use, at home or in a classroom, or at events such as maths fairs or university Open Days, but we retain copyright on all the posters, and you may not modify them in any way.