Read about the rocky road to one of Einstein's greatest achievements: the general theory of relativity, which celebrates its centenary this year.

General relativity, Einstein's rise to international stardom, and his legacy.

Folding a piece of paper in half might be easy, but what about into thirds, fifths, or thirteenths? Here is a simple and exact way for fold any fraction, all thanks to the maths of triangles.

To celebrate the release of more English translations of Einstein's papers, we revisit one of his previously unknown models of the Universe.

How to solve an ancient problem in a few folds.

How to never lose when playing tic-tac-toe the other way around.

Can we always find order in systems that are disordered? Imre Leader says yes.

Why game theory is a serious business.

Meet the number that's bigger than the observable Universe!

If there has been one overarching theme at this ICM, it's just how creative a subject mathematics is.

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