Celebrating pi day with a new record

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Today is the day the world celebrates the number $\pi $. That’s because it’s March 14th, which in the US is written as 3/14, giving you the first three digits of this beloved number. But of course, they are only the first three digits of an infinite number: $\pi $ is irrational which means that its decimal expansion is infinite.

This is why it's rather fitting that Google employee Emma Haruka Iwao today announced a new record: using Google's cloud computing service she has calculated the first 31 trillion digits of $\pi $. Previously only the first 22 trillion digits were known. The calculation required 170TB of data and took 25 virtual machines 121 days to complete.

It's a great present for all lovers of $\pi $. Happy $\pi $ day and thank you Emma Haruka Iwao!

You can find out more about $\pi $ and why you would want to calculate it to so many digits in the video below.

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Look at the duration time of this video... Great.