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Living Proof: Communicating from the frontiers of mathematics

Mountains reflected in lake

Communicating from the mathematical frontiers - from plotting a path to the highest peak to exploring the hidden depths.

We are very happy to work closely with our neighbours, the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI), to help explain, celebrate and publicise the research that happens at the Institute. But what challenges does that present? And why should it happen in the first place?

Following on from the Communicating mathematics for the public event at the Newton Gateway to Mathematics we spoke to the INI's Dan Aspel about our work in this episode of the Living Proof podcast. You can find all the content from our collaboration here.

00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Welcome, discussing Communicating Mathematics for the Public, the importance of trustworthiness
05:30 – Who you're speaking to vs what you're saying
07:38 – Making higher mathematics accessible to audiences: "any bit of mathematics either comes from somewhere, or is going somewhere, or both"
14:20 – Are there incommunicable subjects?
16:55 – The rarity of maths "headlines"
19:25 – The partnership between INI and Plus magazine – why is it important?
23:25 – Are some topics inherently more interesting?
25:26 – What is the end goal of maths communication? "I would love it if people could see how maths is everywhere… that maths is a language of rhythms and patterns"
30:00 – Looking to the future

This podcast was inspired by the Communicating mathematics for the public event at the Newton Gateway to Mathematics in January 2023. You can watch our talk from that event, Trust, time and truth, that was about our collaboration with JUNIPER modelling consortium.

This podcast is part of our collaboration with the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI) – you can find all the content from our collaboration here. The INI is an international research centre and our neighbour here on the University of Cambridge's maths campus. It attracts leading mathematical scientists from all over the world, and is open to all. Visit to find out more.

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You can listen to the podcast using the player above, and you can listen and subscribe to our podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify and through most other podcast providers via podbean.

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