Plus Advent Calendar Door #10: The art of maths

Some books for mathematical artists and artistic mathematicians.

Fight Ebola with your computer

A crowdsourced computing project looks for molecules that can disable the Ebola virus.

23 and maths

The company 23andMe made headlines by launching its DNA testing service in the UK. But how are the risks of developing a disease calculated?

Plus Advent Calendar Door #9: Mathematical Simpsons

There's mathematical comedy behind door 9!

Breakthrough maths live!

Watch the lectures given by the five winners of the Breakthrough Prize in maths, including Terence Tao and Richard Taylor!

Plus Advent Calendar Door #8: The battle for Earth (and more for kids)

An epic battle and more for kids hides behind door 8.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #5: The hidden tales of maths

Door 5 opens to a mathematical journey.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #4: Curious dice

Win the Christmas day games against your relatives with the help of what's behind door number 4!

Plus Advent Calendar Door #3: Where are you?

One of the greatest scientific adventures hides behind door 3....

Plus Advent Calendar Door #2: A normal life

Will you risk the danger of opening door number 2?

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  • What do chocolate and mayonnaise have in common? It's maths! Find out how in this podcast featuring engineer Valerie Pinfield.

  • Is it possible to write unique music with the limited quantity of notes and chords available? We ask musician Oli Freke!

  • How can maths help to understand the Southern Ocean, a vital component of the Earth's climate system?

  • Was the mathematical modelling projecting the course of the pandemic too pessimistic, or were the projections justified? Matt Keeling tells our colleagues from SBIDER about the COVID models that fed into public policy.

  • PhD student Daniel Kreuter tells us about his work on the BloodCounts! project, which uses maths to make optimal use of the billions of blood tests performed every year around the globe.