Plus Advent Calendar Door #2: A normal life

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Have you recently taken up running in a bid to slow the inevitability of middle age? Or are you in the first glorious days of youth, feeling immortal and taking as many risks as you can? Or perhaps you've always taken the safe, and possibly unexciting, path? Whoever you are, you can find out just how dangerous a life you lead in The Norm Chronicles: Stories and numbers about danger by Michael Blastland and David Spiegelhalter.

David, our favourite statistician, has guided us through many a sticky statistical situation and has met many of his own making, including an excellent round on Winter Wipeout. He wrote a column here at Plus and is responsible for the excellent website Understanding Uncertainty, as well as many other activities. Michael, journalist, author and radio producer, is the person who first introduced us to the world of radio and podcasting. He created the fabulous BBC Radio 4 show More or Less.

You can find out more about how risky you are at the interactive website for Norm Chronicles and you can find out more about risk, statistics and probability here on Plus.

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