A tour through maths and music

La La Lab

The Tonnetz exhibit at the La La Lab Exhibition (Image © Wanda Domínguez / Imaginary)

Although people often talk about the links between maths and music, if you're neither a mathematician nor a musician these links might not be that obvious. In this podcast we get to explore the connection by going on a tour of the La La Lab exhibition with curator Daniel Ramos, talk to Jürgen Richter-Gebert, who created some of the exhibits, and asked Andreas Matt about the work of Imaginary, the group that produced this exhibition.

We were lucky enough to visit the La La Lab exhibition in person when it opened in September 2019 as part of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum. You might not be able to visit in person today, but you can still visit the exhibition virtually at Imaginary.

You can find out more about maths and music, Fourier analysis, Fibonacci, Manjul Bhargava and the Heidelberg Laureate Forum on Plus. And you can find detailed mathematical explanations of the La La Lab exhibitions in their excellent exhibition booklet.

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This podcast was partially funded by the European Mathematical Society.