mathematics and music

In this episode of Maths on the move we discuss the fascinating intersection of mathematics and art.

We explore some of our favourite content on the intersection of mathematics and art.

How is frequency related to pitch? Hear the music we love emerge from pure mathematical beats.

Is it possible to write unique music with the limited quantity of notes and chords available? We ask musician Oli Freke!

Explore the connections between mathematics and music at the La La Lab exhibition.

Explore the connections between maths and music!

In a previous article we found a Möbius strip in Bach's music. This time it's a doughnut shape.

Discover (and listen to) the Möbius strip that's hidden within one of Bach's famous canons.

Given there's a finite number of notes on a scale, can we still find a brand new melody? Perhaps they've all been written already!

The funeral of the great flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía this week reminded us of the mathematical and musical reasons we love flamenco.