Women of Mathematics: Nilanjana Datta

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Nilanjana Datta

Last week we started a special series of podcasts revisiting the Women of Mathematics photo exhibition, which celebrates female mathematicians from institutions throughout Europe. When the University of Cambridge hosted the exhibition in 2017, we had the opportunity to interview the six Cambridge mathematicians who's portraits appear in the exhibition about their work and their mathematical lives.

In this podcast we revisit our 2017 interview with Nilanjana Datta - now a professor in quantum information theory - who told us why she loves maths and also about some of the challenges she has faced as a female mathematician.

You can see all the Cambridge portraits and find out more about the work and mathematical lives of these women here. And stay tuned to this podcast for the rest of the interviews with these brilliant women of mathematics over the coming weeks.

The music in this podcast comes from the band eusa. The track is called Plankton.

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