List by Author: John D. Barrow

Maths in a minute: Dark energy

What is dark energy and how do we know it's there?

Outer space: Archimedean ice cream cones

What shape of cone maximises the ice cream to wafer ratio?

Outer space: You guessed it

If you are a flower then April is allegedly the cruellest month, but if you are a student of any sort then I'm sure you would have picked June.

Outer space: Where to stand to look at statues

John D. Barrow tells us how to get the best view!

Does infinity exist?

John Barrow gives us an overview, from Aristotle's ideas to Cantor's never-ending tower of mathematical infinities, and from shock waves to black holes.

Outer space: Cushioning the blowWhere's the sweet spot?
Outer space: Are the constants of nature really constant?Are the unchanging features of the Universe really unchanging?
Outer space: EmergenceHow does complexity arise from simplicity?
Outer space: Bridging that gapHow to keep up the suspense
Outer space: A matter of gravityWhat is the cosmological constant?
Outer space: The rule of twoThe maths of infinite series
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