Let them eat cake — and drink vodka

Language analysis shows how the nation's tastes have changed.

2000 lines

Our image of the week is made of 2000 line segments.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #17: Equations that changed the world

Door 17 opens on 17 equations that changed the world.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #20: Travelling the galaxy

A galactic journey awaits behind door #20.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #16: The travelling salesman

Our favourite mathematical movie hides behind door 16.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #15: It pays to be nice

Find out why it pays to be nice behind door #15.

Fantastic fractal finally finished

Thanks to the tireless effort of students Cambridge now has a piece of the largest distributed fractal in the world.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #14: Fifty visions

Have a vision through door 14!

Plus Advent Calendar Door #13: mathematical poetry

Something for your true love is behind door #13…

Carnival of Mathematics #117

What treats will we find in this month's Carnival of Mathematics!

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