2000 lines

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Our image of the week is made of 2000 line segments!

Image by Hamid Naderi Yeganeh.

The image was created by Hamid Naderi Yeganeh running programs on a Linux operating system. Letting $n$ run from $1$ to $2000,$ the end points (given as coordinates in the plane) of each line segment are

  \[ \left(\left(\sin {\left(\frac{12\pi n}{2000}\right)}\right)^3, \left(\cos {\left(\frac{10\pi n}{2000}\right)}\right)^3\right) \]    


  \[ \left(\left(\sin {\left(\frac{8\pi n}{2000}\right)}\right)^3, \left(\cos {\left(\frac{6\pi n}{2000}\right)}\right)^3\right) \]    

You can see more of Hamid's images on this website and on the American Mathematical Society website.

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