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Euromaths: Hugo Duminil-CopinWe celebrate the run-up to the European Congress of Mathematics (ECM) with an interview of Hugo Duminil-Copin, who previously won a prize at the ECM.
The murmuration conjecture: finding new maths with AI

Artificial intelligence is changing all our lives - even the lives of mathematicians.  Yang-Hui He tells us about his exciting new conjecture that came about due to both artificial and human intelligence, and reveals patterns in the prime numbers that look like flocks of birds.

Tying together black holes, quantum gravity and number theory

"The 20th century was the interaction of geometry and physics, and the 21st century is the interaction of number theory with physics." Find out why in our conversation with Yang-Hui He from the London Institute of Mathematical Sciences! 

The art of maths and the maths of artIn this episode of Maths on the move we discuss the fascinating intersection of mathematics and art.
Ramanujan: Dream of the possible

In this episode we revisit an interview with Ken Ono about the remarkable Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, one of the most fascinating figures in the history of mathematics.

Celebrating spring with new shoots of mathematics

From tiling bathrooms to fooling cancer cells, and from new insights in topology to bringing research into the classroom — we hope you enjoy our April round-up!

How physics can help AI learn about the real world

Join us at the mathematical frontier with Georg Maierhofer as he tells us about an exciting new idea bringing together physics and machine learning! 

The force awakens: Quantum collisionsCould there be a fifth force of nature hitherto unknown to science? Find out with physicist Ben Allanach in this episode of Maths on the move.
How does AI work?

In this episode of Maths on the move Kweku Abraham explains the maths behind the amazing advances we've seen in AI.

It's all connected – climate change and the spread of diseases

We know climate change can impact our lives through weather events and food security, but it can also impact on the spread of diseases. We talk to Helena Stage from the University of Bristol to find out more.

Reduce, remove, refreeze: Repairing the Earth's climate

How might we go about repairing the Earth's climate? Find out in this episode of our podcast!

Bye bye 23, hello 24!

In the final episode of Maths on the move for this year we revisit some 2023 highlights and look forward to next year.

Can we build a low carbon energy network?

In this episode of our podcast we discuss the challenges involved in moving away from fossil fuels.

The travelling salesman

How do you create dramatic film out of mathematics? We find out with writer and director Timothy Lanzone.

The universal machineAlan Turing – brilliant mathematician, code breaker during World War II – achieved so much during his tragically short life. But how do you put Turing's life and mathematics on stage... and as a musical?
A disappearing numberWe talk about a play that explores the fascinating mathematical collaboration between the mathematicians GH Hardy and Srinivasa Ramanujan.
Victoria Gould: Combining mathematics and actingTorn between mathematics and the arts? Then find out about having a career in both from actor and mathematician Victoria Gould.
Have physicists discovered a fifth force of nature?

News stories have claimed they may have — but is this true?

How many dimensions are there?

More than you think! In this episode of our podcast we talk to theoretical physicist David Berman to find out more...

Telescope topology — the podcast

We look at an important recent result exploring higher-dimensional holes in higher-dimensional spheres.

How does human noise impact whales?

We talk to Stuart Johnston who uses mathematics to find out how noise pollution in the oceans impacts whales.

Living Proof: The irrational diary of Clara Valentine

In this podcast author Coralie Colmez shares insights into her novel The irrational diary of Clara Valentine.

Mathematical summer fun

We talk to early career mathematicians who spent some of their summer holiday solving problems posed by industry — such as how to blend a perfect smoothie!

Gravitational waves reveal cosmic hum

We discuss new and fascinating observations of gravitational waves with three of our favourite cosmologists.