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Akshay Venkatesh: The podcast, part II

In this podcast we try to capture a flavour of Fields medallist Akshay Venkatesh's work.

Akshay Venkatesh: The podcast, part I

In this podcast we ask Akshay Venkatesh what it feels like to win a Fields medal.

June Barrow-Green: The podcastIn this podcast we talk to June Barrow Green about the history of women in mathematics.
Maria Esteban: The podcast

In this podcast we talk to Maria Esteban, mathematician and President of the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

The Gauss Prize 2018: The podcast

In this podcast David Donoho talks to us about his work revolutionising MRI scanners.

The Nevanlinna Prize 2018: The podcast

In this video we talk to Nevanlinna Prize winner Constantinos Daskalakis about his work.

The Fields Medals 2018: The podcast

In this podcast we report on the prestigious Fields medals, which were awarded yesterday at the International Congress of Mathematicians, taking place in Rio de Janeiro.

Alessio Figalli: The podcast

In this podcast Fields medallist Figalli tells us about his work and what receiving such a high honour feels like.

Calculating the multiverse

If there's a multiverse, then how many of its component universes are like our own?

Laws versus outcomes: The podcast

John D. Barrow talks to us about the laws of nature, how the complexity of the world conceals elegant mathematical symmetries, and how chaos can arise from order.

Big data and shorter queues

Chris Budd tells us how big data can be used to model riots, analyse photos and shorten airport queues.

What are sigma levels?

What do physicists at CERN mean when they talk about "sigma levels"?

What is a black hole – mathematically?

Pau Figueras explains how Einstein's theories predicted the existence of black holes, and how to describe them mathematically.

What is a black hole – physically?

We asked cosmologist Pau Figueras everything we’ve ever wanted to know about black holes. In this podcast he explains what black holes are, physically, and how we hope to observe them.

Cosmology, philosophy and the multiverse

Is cosmology a science or a branch of philosophy? Mathematician and astronomer Bernard Carr gives some answers.

Maths takes flight!

We talk to Shajay Bhooshan about his design for the new maths gallery at the Science Museum London.

Why does cosmology need philosophy?

In this podcast George Ellis explains why the study of the cosmos poses some deep philosophical questions.

Meet the next generation

If you're going to excel in maths it helps to start early — and that's what Peter Scholze certainly did.

The importance of a mathematical community

Ingrid Daubechies, President of the International Mathematical Union, about the importance of community in mathematics.

Maths for the future

Martin Grötschel, Secretary of the International Mathematical Union, about maths at school, integrating developing nations, and his dream of putting all maths that's ever been produced online.

The Fields Medals 2014: Interview with Manjul Bhargava

Manjul Bhargava tells us why playing with maths in important in finding your own way of thinking.

John Milnor: A conversation with a mathematical legend

Why doing maths is like being Lewis Carroll's Red Queen and how to keep going beyond the formidable age of 84.

The Fields Medals 2014: Interview with Artur Avila

Artur Avila tells us about taming chaos.

The Fields Medals 2014: Interview with Martin Hairer

How burning paper can win you a prestigious maths prize.

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