We talk to two of the organisers of the ICM 2022, which will take place in St Petersburg.

In this podcast we talk to Nalini Joshi, incoming President of the International Mathematical Union, about the IMU and her work.

In this podcast we talk to Ivan Smith, invited lecturer at the ICM, about his work and what he likes about the ICM.

We speak to Cheryl Praeger about her mathematics and encouraging the next generation of mathematicians.

Clément Mouhot tells us about his work trying to understand some of the most beautiful structures in mathematics and physics.

In this podcast we talk to June Barrow Green about the history of women in mathematics.

In this podcast we ask Akshay Venkatesh what it feels like to win a Fields medal.

In this podcast we try to capture a flavour of Fields medallist Akshay Venkatesh's work.