What is a black hole – physically?

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Curved space-time

An artist's impression of a black hole. Image: Robert Hurt, NASA/JPL-Caltech.

We asked cosmologist Pau Figueras everything we’ve ever wanted to know about black holes. In this podcast he explains what black holes are, physically, and how we hope to observe them.

You can listen to the other part of this interview, where Figueras explains how you describe black holes mathematically, and how they were predicted by Einstein’s theories. You can also watch the video of this interview, and read the accompanying article.

Thanks to eusa for the music used in this podcast.

In this interview Pau Figueras says that we still cannot be sure that black holes really do exist. However, since the interview evidence for black holes has been discovered, so now we know they do! See here to find out more.

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