black hole

Mathematics is an indispensable tool in physics, but can physics solve problem in maths? Find out more in this article.

Find out how a theory from physics has provided tools for solving long-standing problems in number theory. And in turn how number theory helps solve the mystery of black holes.

"The 20th century was the interaction of geometry and physics, and the 21st century is the interaction of number theory with physics." Find out why in our conversation with Yang-Hui He from the London Institute of Mathematical Sciences! 

In this episode we revisit an interview with Ken Ono about the remarkable Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, one of the most fascinating figures in the history of mathematics.

Entropy is the hero of our story – bringing together physics at every scale.

Come on a fantastic journey from some of our oldest ideas about physics to the biggest mystery of the modern age!

Over the last few decades physicists have been developing a curious idea. Perhaps the world we inhabit is a hologram, lacking a crucial feature of the world as we perceive it: the third dimension.

This collection of articles looks at one of the biggest problems in modern physics and at research that aims to solve it.

We discuss new and fascinating observations of gravitational waves with three of our favourite cosmologists.

On the twelfth day of advent we celebrate Stephen Hawking's contribution to cosmology.

On the eleventh day of advent we explore an unresolved puzzle concerning black holes which greatly intrigued Stephen Hawking.

Now we think we know all about black holes, here is another surprise: they are not completely black after all.