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March 2010

space exploration

Tags: space exploration : NASA

Tags: space exploration : Newtonian mechanics : asteroid : meteorite : asteroid collision

We play chess, we play music, we even play at vampires. And we continue our series written specially for students, and talk to an old friend of Plus, who is now a maths student at university.

Tags: space exploration : careers with mathematics : Beagle 2 : Mars

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In the last issue Lewis Dartnell explained how chaos on the brain is not only unavoidable but also beneficial. Now he tells us why the same is true for our solar system and sends us on a journey that has been travelled by comets and spacecraft.

Tags: space exploration : gravity : chaos : astronomy : dynamical system : calculus : physics : Newton : Euler : copernicus : 3-Body Problem : analysis : lagrange point : Manifold : centripetal force : Lagrange : Poincare : Interplanetary Superhighway

Tags: space exploration : three body problem : lagrange point : celestial mechanics : satellite

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Chuck Gill caught the space bug as a child when watching Alan Shepherd launch into space. Since then he's worked as a US Air Force navigator, a satellite operator, and in the US intelligence service. These days he's busy reducing carbon emissions and preparing London for the 2012 Olympics. Plus went to see him to find out more about his career.

Tags: aerodynamics : statistics : space exploration : mathematical modelling : physics : uncertainty : heat diffusion equation : engineering : satellite : Kepler's three laws of planetary motion : transport system

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Will Einstein's general theory of relativity hold true?

Tags: space exploration : general relativity : Einstein : relativity

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On the 25th of May 1997 a dramatic collision tore a hole into the space station Mir and sent it hurtling through space. As NASA astronaut Michael Foale tells Plus, the fate of Mir and its crew hinged on a classical set of equations.

Tags: space exploration : spin : astronomy : moment of inertia