Amaze your friends! Astound your family!

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Amaze your friends! Astound your family!

Are you a card shark? Or do you fumble your shuffles? Do you want to learn some magic to impress your friends? Then read these articles to uncover the maths, and magic, hidden within a simple pack of cards...

The magic of shuffling — Want to shuffle like a professional magician? Find out how to shuffle perfectly, imperfectly, and the magic behind it.


The mathematics of shuffling — Take a journey into the maths of card shuffling and experience how a mathematician thinks.


How to (pretend to) memorise a pack of cards — Learn a neat way of using maths to pretend to memorise a pack of cards.


Probably magic! — When you shuffle a deck of cards chances are the order of cards you produced has never been produced before! Find out why and learn a card trick too!