Check out Chalkdust!


Chalkdust is a maths magazine produced by students to promote the beauty and impact of maths. It runs articles about a range of maths topics and of varying levels of complexity, so there is something there for anyone who likes maths. The second issue is available now. It contains an interview with Artur Avila, one of the 2014 Fields Medallist, great articles, puzzles, a cartoon and the chance to win £100 by correctly solving the cross number (which we very much enjoyed). The magazine is freely available online and the website also features a weekly blog. You can follow Chalkdust on Facebook and on Twitter.

Chalkdust is a great place to share your ideas, your research, your puzzles and your maths, and the editors invite you to contact them if you have an article or blog that you think people might be interested in.