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Women of Mathematics: Holly Krieger

Holly Krieger

Holly Krieger (Photograph by Henry Kenyon)

In this podcast we are very happy to revisit our 2017 interview with Holly Krieger, one of the six Cambridge mathematicians whose portrait is included in the Women of Mathematics photo exhibition. Krieger works in dynamical systems theory, particularly on chaotic systems. In this interview she told us about the joys of learning and conversations with colleagues.

You can find more about Krieger's prize winning work in Dynamic numbers and you see her talk about complex numbers and dynamical systems in our collection Complex numbers: Why do we love them?

To find a transcript and video of this interview, meet the other female mathematicians, and find out more about the exhibition, see here.

The music in this podcast comes from the band eusa. The track is called Plankton.

You can listen to the podcast using the player above, and you can listen and subscribe to our podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify and through most other podcast providers via podbean.

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