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We are very excited to launch our very first ebooks! These are collections of Plus articles on particular themes that have intrigued, challenged and entertained our readers. You can download these for free, in either the EPUB format (readable by most e-readers including iPads, iPhones and other iThings), the Mobi format (again readable by most e-readers, including Kindles) or as a PDF file (readable by pretty much anything). Either point your e-reader at this page or download to your computer (have a look at your e-reader instructions for how to transfer an ebook from your computer).

How many universes are there?

Well, no one really knows the answer to that question. But it's quite possible that there might be more than one, in fact there may be infinitely many, popping in and out of existence like bubbles in the bath. From the Big Bang, the evolution of our Universe to the tantalising possibility of alternate lives in parallel universes, we will see how mathematics has allowed us to ask and answer some very surprising questions.

Does it pay to be nice?

Yes it does. And we're not just talking about that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Maths indicates that it pays in evolutionary terms too. One of the most puzzling aspects of human behaviour is cooperation, in situations where backstabbing and selfishness would seem to be more rewarding. But it appears that the mathematics of evolution proves that being nice is unavoidable, even on our grumpiest of days.

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