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September 1998
Mathematics Enrichment

You can join NRICH for free - (register here) - it is a maths "net-workshop" for enjoying maths and working with other young people on challenging problems. NRICH uses the Internet to publish its monthly magazine and to link members from all over the world. The Ask NRICH Maths Answering service won't do your homework for you by tomorrow morning but your questions are answered individually by university mathematics students. The email "chat group" called NRICHtalk is for sharing ideas with students in other schools and in other countries, and there is a separate "email group" for teachers. These groups had over 800 members in August 1998.

On the first of every month the NRICH magazine includes More Challenging Problems for 15 to 19 year olds. Apart from the Interactive Geometry Problems, the NRICH problems are not done sitting in front of a computer. You will need paper and pencil and a lot of time to think. The same goes for the games, and ideally you will be able to tackle them with your friends in a Maths Club at your school (what about those wet lunch hours?). There is no competition involved except that NRICH publishes the best solutions sent in by school students. As an example you might like to look at 8 Methods for "Three by One," the work of Neil Donaldson and Alex Goodwin, two sixth formers from Madras College in St Andrews.

Watch out for new problems, puzzles, games, solutions, articles and news of mathematical events. New problems are published on the first of each month and the best solutions sent in by school students are published the following month. Solutions must arrive by the 21st of the month and can come from one person or from a group. There is an extra challenge to solve the Tough Nut Problems to which no school students sent in solutions in the first three weeks, and to get your name and school mentioned in the Tough Nut Table.

The pages are easily printed from the web so you don't often need to use the computer and, for your younger brothers and sisters, there is a wealth of material for all ages from 5 upwards and some of this you will find quite challenging yourself.

The magazine and all the NRICH materials and back issues in the archive are freely available to everyone. To participate interactively students, teachers or parents need to register by filling in a form on the website.

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