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September 1997

Infinity multiplied by zero?

I have had several views on what infinity times 0 is and I would like to know your view and how you came to your answer. Please send your answer as soon as possible.

Oliver Swift

Infinity is not a number and so it cannot be multiplied by zero. This is because multiplication is an operation for combining two numbers to produce a third.


Technical problems

The formulae in the PASS documents don't show up on my black and white screen (they come out as black on black!!). I don't know whether this might be a problem for some of the intended readers...?

Anthony Quas

Displaying maths text on the web

Your interesting web magazine demonstrates how useful to mathematicians the combination of hypertext and mathematical document creation could be. I say "could" because the math element of html 3 has never surfaced. The market is sadly not driven by the needs of mathematicians. What I would like to see is something that can display output from dvi files within web pages. If any software that can do this is available I would like to know of it.

Gavin Wraith

PASS Maths is no stranger to the technical difficulties of reproducing mathematical notation on the web. We make every effort to make our features as legible as possible and test the magazine on a wide range of browsers. Obviously we cannot cover all possible systems and welcome feedback from our readers on any difficulties they experience.


New look

Your new pages look good and are much easier to browse. One can now find relevant information quicker.

Ken Jervis


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