Maths Year 2000

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January 2000

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Around the country, maths is set to have a high profile this year with the launch of a new initiative.

Maths Year 2000 is a year-long Government project aimed at improving the country's understanding and awareness of mathematics in education and everyday life.

While much support will be provided for maths education in schools, the project isn't just aimed at schoolchildren and their parents.

"Maths Year 2000 will make maths accessible and fun, and help people of all ages to develop the maths skills that they need," said David Blunkett, the Secretary of State for Education and Employment.

"A feel for numbers is an essential everyday skill - from shopping in the supermarket to working out mortgages, pensions or bills."

Maths Year 2000 will have six main bi-monthly themes: maths on time, maths takes shape, maths at work, maths at play, maths and people, and maths and money. A range of supporting materials will be available, and there will be various public events.

There is an extensive website where you can find puzzles, games and competitions, and information about Maths Year 2000 and its upcoming events.

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The Maths Year clock starts ticking.



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