New Plus site goes live - what do you think?

After several months of hard work, particularly by computer legend Owen Smith, the new Plus site is now live!

All the Plus content you know and love is still there, and is still accessible at the same URLs. And with a few changes to the layout and navigation, we hope the new site will be easier to use. All the different types of content we produce is listed in the top bar. Every article now has a comments feature at the bottom of the page, which you can use by registering with Plus — it's free and easy to do. Registering with Plus will also enable you to create pdf documents from our content. You can register here.

We've done our best to make sure everything on the new site works, but if you do come across any problems or something you don't like, then please get in touch, either by emailing us at, or by posting a comment on the relevant page. We'd be really grateful for your feedback and we hope you like the new site!


I like it.

I'm appreciated but I think 'computer legend' maybe pushing the bounds of reality :)

New site is a real plus...

It is easier to navigate and with more white space looks a lot clearer.