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Get involved with Plus!

Plus is looking forward to a busy summer. We're in the process of re-structuring our website, moving to a more flexible and interactive format which should go live in the next few weeks. We're also about to start a range of new projects, including projects exploring the maths behind London 2012, the role of maths in ingenious engineering feats and a prolonged look at maths and the nature of reality. We're also continuing our project Do you know what's good for you? exploring maths and stats in the biomedical sciences.

With so many different projects on the go, we're always extremely grateful for feedback from you. In particular, we're looking for people who'd like to be part of targeted evaluations, whether it's checking out the new website when it's up, or feeding back on the content of a particular project. Teachers who use Plus in the classroom or to prepare their lessons are especially welcome. If you're interested, please subscribe to our email newsletter and watch out for announcements concerning reader feedback — who knows, we may even be able to offer some rewards! And of course you're always welcome to drop us a line at plus@maths.cam.ac.uk.

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