Plus Advent Calendar Door #3: Sports on saturday

Tennis anyone? Fancy football? Whatever game you are playing (or watching) this weekend, find out the maths behind two favourite sports.


A fly walks round a football

What makes a perfect football? Find out why the ball's surface is the most prized research goal in ball design.


If you can't bend it, model it

Learn about the aerodynamics of footballs and perfect your free kick.


Blast it like Beckham?

What tactics should a soccer player use when taking a penalty kick? And what can the goalkeeper do to foil his plans?


Making a racket

Over recent decades new materials have made tennis rackets ever bigger, lighter and more powerful. So what kind of science goes into designing new rackets?


Anyone for tennis (and tennis and tennis...)?

What is the chance of another Isner-Mahut mega set at Wimbledon?


Winning at Wimbledon

What does it take to win Wimbledon?

Cricket, gymnastics or athletics more your thing? You can find those and many other sports in our Mathematics in sport package and the MMP's Sportal!

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