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May 1998
Puzzle No. 5 - complex multiplication

Here is this issue's puzzle.

Solution to Puzzle No. 4 - three doors

The following people submitted correct answers:
- Anon, Cambridge, England.
- Fabrizio Fantini, Italy.
- Riccardo Fracchia, Oldham, England.
- John Kim, New York, USA.
- Nigel Mudd, Leeds, England.
- Steve Rowlands, Portsmouth, England.
- Chris Salt, U.K.
- Chris Stott, Sheffield, England.
- Andrew Williams, Sussex, England.

Yet more taxis!
Yet another variation on "The taxi problem" from Issue No 2. Thanks to Steve Kallenborn, see this issue's Letters page.
Three-digit numbers
This puzzle was posed at The Mathematical Association's 1998 Annual Conference. You can read a "Delegate's diary" elsewhere in this issue.