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Find out how the BloodCounts! project is using AI to make the best of the millions of full blood cunts performed every year.

The BloodCounts! project is gearing up towards one of the largest-scale applications yet of machine learning in medicine and healthcare.

A mathematical, and personal, look into how we all had to balance the different harms of the virus and the steps we took against it.

Was the mathematical modelling projecting the course of the pandemic too pessimistic, or were the projections justified? Matt Keeling tells our colleagues from SBIDER about the COVID models that fed into public policy.

PhD student Daniel Kreuter tells us about his work on the BloodCounts! project, which uses maths to make optimal use of the billions of blood tests performed every year around the globe.

Invading mosquitoes and food poisoning in the production chain — there are a lot of questions epidemiologists address in their research.

Was vaccinating vulnerable people first a good choice? Hindsight allows us to assess this question.

Maths meets politics as early career mathematicians present their work at the Houses of Parliament.

Hear from the epidemiologists who have devoted their lives to fighting the pandemic.

In this interview Emma tells us about what drew her to maths, an exciting summer internship which allowed her to experience life as a maths researcher, and what she is planning for the future.

What can we learn from the COVID crisis about finding consensus?

There are several ways in which it can and studies suggest they could be safe and effective.

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