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Around the country, maths is set to have a high profile this year with the launch of a new initiative.

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Slogging through your A-Levels at the moment? Wondering what it's all for? Here's some consolation from researchers at the London School of Economics - it seems that an A-Level in maths can significantly boost your earnings.

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Karen Reid, whose hobbies include badminton and salsa dancing, is a Maths graduate. She works as a Qualifications Manager at RSA Examinations Board, Coventry and has also taught Maths.
We talk to Tim Pilkington, a keen basketball player, who has a joint honours BSc in Maths, Physical Education and Sports Science from Loughborough University. Tim has worked as a mathematics teacher and is now working as an accountant.
Find out how an early interest in Mathematics and Physics led Dr Helen Mason to a career in solar studies.