Why do you like maths?

There's a new special episode of one of our favourite maths podcasts — Math/Maths, produced by Peter Rowlett and Samuel Hansen. Peter talks to Ruby Childs, a recent maths graduate who is interested in what makes people like mathematics for an essay she is writing. She's particularly interested in why people chose to study maths further. You can listen to the podcast, read a relevant blog post by Peter and you can also send your own answers to Ruby via Twitter or via a contact form on her tumblr blog.

The more people answer, the more interesting her essay will be!


Now a days i am writing on my diary "why i choose mathematics", going back to my school days i was not good in mathematics but it attracts me a lot but at that time its very difficult for me to express my feeling over mathematics. But when i was in high school its due to the attitude of my teachers (why they are not teaching us properly in a way so that student remove the fear of mathematics from there minds) then I got admission in university to pursue my further education in mathematics, where i met a person who always talk about the beauty, mysteries of numbers, connection between the different ideas and with mathematics and how we interpret the differentiation, integration, limits. The person became my friend later on and he recommended me the book "History of mathematics, D.Burton". After reading that book i become fan of mathematics and mathematician. After that i have read different books on the beauty, mysteries of mathematics apart from my course books and i concluded that every thing around us speaks the language of mathematics now its on us how we interpret that like, "Golden Ratio". where there is beauty there must be some aspect of golden mean like construction, humans, portray etc.
So to me i like mathematics because it relax my soul after reading different mathematics ideas and there connections with other aspects. Also when a things contain any sort of mathematical idea its increase my sugar level and my face glows.