Art, love and war at the 2015 British Science Festival

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Are you queueing in an airport, wondering if there is a better way to deal with the mass of humanity trying to board planes? Are you stuck at home wondering where the summer weather has gone? Would you like to see our information overloaded world in a more beautiful way? Do you think the world would be a better place if we made lovely maths, instead of war? Then you should book your place for the 2015 British Science Festival

A kiss

Mathematical love!

This year the festival is in Bradford from 7-10 September. And, as well as delights in all areas of science, there is some fascinating maths to enjoy. In Advanced airports and on-time ambulances, Kevin Glazebrook and Vincent Knight will explain how number crunching improve holiday travel chaos in airports, and get you medical help in an emergency quicker. And on the subject of health, you can join in a mini-epidemic with Erin Lafferty as she reveals the medical secrets behind infection in Can maths decode infectious diseases?

Meanwhile scientist Martin Brinkworth, mathematician Simon Shepherd and artist Marcus Levine will show us the beautiful side of big data in Art and big data and explore what our innate appreciation of aesthetics in these representations can reveal. In Love and war: the mathematical way Hannah Fry will demonstrate the power of maths in understanding human behaviour in the rawest of human emotions. You can find out more about these and all the other fascinating events at the Festival website – booking is now open!

To get you in the mood, you can read more about the maths behind infectious diseases, art, love and war on Plus.

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